ZonLi Bamboo Cool Weighted Blanket, Green for Summer Heavy Blanket for Adults Women, Men, Youths Natural Bamboo Material with Glass Beads, Green


  • 100% Natural Bamboo Fabric
  • SUGGESTED WEIGHT – The weighted blankets should be 7%-13% of your body weight to make the most use of the blanket. Please choose the weight depending on individual preference. 10% of body weight is recommended.
  • NEW VERSION – The ZonLi weighted inner blanket is made of BAMBOO fabric. Mechanically processed bamboo for the ultimate softness. This feels wonderful next to Baby’s skin and helps regulate your body temperature and prevent overheating. Make you sleeps better and more comfortably, especially in summer.
  • MULTIPLE USE – The ZonLi weighted blanket can be used in various ways: Using it as a full body cover in bed or while you are sitting. Placing it in the lap, on the shoulders, over the neck, on back or legs.
  • Blanket Only